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Higher Ground
College Planning

Mission and Purpose

Higher Ground empowers high school students, especially at-risk, low-income and first-generation students to achieve college acceptance and completion through the development and execution of a comprehensive plan for postsecondary education.


  1. Coordinate interest, skill and career assessment and planning
  2. Coach students and families to effectively navigate the college search, admission and higher education funding process.
  3. Provide opportunities for career and college exploration
  4. Give one-to-one support to individual students who lack adult support and to families who are unfamiliar with the college and career planning process.

What is Higher Ground?

Higher Ground is our college planning curriculum, designed to assist families with little to no knowledge of the college planning process. This program is a serious and intensive guide for how to identify your best college options, get accepted to college, and find FUNDING for post secondary education. A commitment from both the parent and the student is an absolute must!